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Adaptive Reconditioning/Adaptive Sports Expo

July 17, 2020 – The WTB/SRU Ft. Bragg held an Adaptive Reconditioning/Adaptive Sports Expo, which took place from June 1-3. The expo highlighted reconditioning options for 255 soldiers by providing demonstrations of equipment and utilizing staff to help the solider in transition be better informed about their choices. Prior to this, soldiers that joined the unit between April and May hadn’t received the full in-processing brief to be informed of their Reconditioning options due to the stay home orders.

The available stations were Archery/Air rifle, OT, PTa, Cycling, Golf, R2 Performance Center and the Chaplin sampling the many classes offered including: mobility, yoga, meditation, guitar lessons, golf lessons, cycling, origami, and other physical and nonphysical activities. Each station was equipped with the adaptive equipment used for that activity to show the wide varieties of adaptations that can be made to accommodate the soldiers needs.

The three-day event was met with great success and valuable feedback, especially on the new electronic calendar we have started using to streamline the adaptive reconditioning information experience. The expo was the kickoff back into regular programming that started Monday, June 8.